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Fall into step with the life of Phu Quoc’s Northwest, where our resort is located near popular attractions, including amusement parks, museums, historical sites, cultural experiences, and the opportunity to explore colorful coral reefs.



Phu Quoc is Vietnam’s largest island, located approximately 400 kilometers to the west of Ho Chi Minh City. Known as the “Pearl Island,” this paradise attracts travelers with its untouched natural beauty and abundant marine and island resources. Notably, Bai Dai in Phu Quoc stands out as one of the world's most stunning beaches, surrounded by a diverse forest ecosystem and pepper gardens. When visiting Phu Quoc, where the magnificence of the sunset is unlike any other, visitors can discover more about the regional specialties of Phu Quoc, such as fish sauce, peppers, and “bun Quay” (Quay rice noodles). In addition, you will find an array of activities on this island, including coral reef diving, night market shopping, a pleasant stroll to Duong Dong town, visits to ancient fishing villages, fish sauce factories, and Phu Quoc prison.

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